I did it! Finally. After months of hand wringing and yammering on about how I need a change, I sneaked away on Sunday to one of those cheap places with Master in the name, signed in on the clip board, and a few minutes later…presto…


I now have a thick mop of fluff on my forehead just begging for product.

This is me in the Christmas isle at the grocery story right after the big cut. The photos all retro-looking in the spirit of the bangs. Tell me the truth…do I look fourteen?

It’s weird. I catch a glimpse of my new look in reflective surfaces and feel like a kid with this crazy fringe. What was I thinking?

All I need is braces and hairspray and I’ve transported myself back to ninth grade. Ugh.

Let me explain myself. See, I’ve been feeling all nostalgic and retro lately. (Is this my version of a midlife crisis??) Plus I’ve been sick with the flu this past week and on a Freaks and Geeks marathon. It’s convergence, you know? Destiny. This hairdo was meant to be.

Thank you, Marlee. You’re a scissor-wielding visionary. Apologies to my regular stylist, Megan. You weren’t open on Sunday, and that was when I knew I needed bangs. That very second. Otherwise, I would’ve wimped out.

And really, I’m glad I did it. It’s a fun change. Hair grows. And bangs give a lady that Lolita panache. Well, not really. But they do cover my forehead wrinkles. (Geez, I hope I don’t get all greasy and break out up there! Pimples suck. Especially on a “mature” woman.)

Another bang bonus: if you have long, heavy tresses like me, you actually lose a pound or two just cutting off all that useless hair. Like the Atkins diet for your head. AND I’ll save money on shampoo and conditioner.

To all of you considering the Big Bang: Do it.

Lose that unnecessary curtain of hair constantly falling in your face. It’s winter, getting darker…let in the light!

Not that I’m trying to convince you or anything. If you love your light-blocking, product-consuming front mane, by all means, keep it. Really.

I’ll just be over here rockin’ the poof. I may even bring back the claw, who knows? A little hairspray and back-combing…I read somewhere that big hair is back…

Or not. I’ll probably just keep it low and tight.

Waddya think?

(And please, only comment if you like the bangs…Yes, I like them, but I’m still in delicate transition zone. You CAN, however, make a comparison to Zooey Deschanel’s beautiforous front fringe.)