My friend Karen and I road-tripped to Portland last month. We stayed in a skanky-ish hotel, and what we saved on lodging we spent on food. Totally worth it. We also went to Ooligan Press‘ Write to Publish conference at Portland State University.

Here’s what I learned: 1.) I suck at driving in Portland, 2.) everything at Andina is delicious, and 3.) Ooligan may publish my novel.

Andina is this Peruvian restaurant where Karen and I had dinner the first night. Every bite you eat there is mouth magic, so probably it’s run by fairies. While at Andina, Karen and I sat next to this super cute couple. The guy looked like Bradley Cooper, and we struck up a genteel convo about Dudeior photo shoots while consuming this:


The next day was the conference. Karen and I got all wrist-banded up and went to some very cool sessions. I learned tons about comic writing, querying and pitching. Then we ate more food.

In the afternoon, I pitched my novel speed-dating-style to REAL editors at Ooligan. Totally thrilled when they asked me to send a proposal!!  Probably because I came equip with these flashy business cards.


On the way home, we at more delicious food at BURGERVILLE. I wish I had one of those burgers right now. Mmm. Delicious burgers.

I sent off my proposal (which included the first 60 pages of my young adult novel, Conspiring to be Meri) to Ooligan Press later that week and only days later, Ooligan’s fine acquisitions editors accepted my proposal and ASKED TO READ THE WHOLE NOVEL.

Then I freaked out for about 48 hours.


After said freak out, I emailed the novel. The Ooligan editors are reading it now, and I am patiently impatiently waiting to hear back.

While we wait, let’s gaze at these glorious ladies from the Writing for Comic Books panel (my favorite session), and imagine how cool it would be to write a comic book.