So it’s my last day at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont, and I’m already sad. And sappy.

I’ve met the most amazing artists from all over the world, and I hate leaving them.

Did I get a ton of writing done, not really. But, oh! What an experience.

I met Ron Carlson, who is a kind person and a brilliant short story and novel writer. He’s been published all over the place–like The New Yorker and Harpers and even Narrative Magazine, like me!

He read one of my little stories and gave me thoughtful, smart feedback. The very best was when he said I was a “great writer.” Hearing that was worth the whole residency! (Yes, I’m still that pathetic.)

But wait, there’s more. We stayed up late every night talking about art and writing, politics and equality. Ladies of Mason, you know who you are.

I read my work out loud, and more than once, and it was incredible.

I met visual artists and saw their work and talked about process. Ooh la la!

No  sir, I’m not done talking about Vermont, but right now I have to clean out my disaster of a writing studio because I’m outa here mañana.